Only a few of us are aware of what cooling towers are and a lesser number of people really give importance to what they serve as a purpose in our industrial world. In fact, the cooling tower is a vital device, which has a major function that’s way beyond a significant one compared to what it’s known for. Cooling towers, either forced cooling tower or induced draft cooling tower, functions to help in regulating and minimizing the water’s temperature that’s utilized in some machines. Now, how do such systems could be really beneficial for industries and what must people be aware of such towers? It’s important to keep up your towers if you want to have a smooth operation and functioning. Here are some of the cooling tower types that we believe everybody should know: 

A lot of cooling towers are basically tailored and intended to suit the needed criteria for a particular industry. So, before you try installing any types of the cooling tower, it’s essential for the members of the admin to choose the most suitable cooling tower type based on which industry you are in. Here are some of the types to consider: 

 Mechanical draft cooling towers 

This is somewhat the same as the natural draft cooling towers. Based on what its name implies, it helps air to circulate all over the tower with the help of mechanically convection. After that, the water will be cooled using either centrifugal fans or propeller fans. Compared to natural draft cooling towers, mechanical draft towers are way more effective and it could be mounted in the building. Although they could use up more operating cost and power compared to natural draft cooling towers. The mechanical ones come with 2 types the Crossflow and Counterflow.  

Natural draft cooling towers 

This type of ?cooling tower fill is divided into 2 different types: splash deck type and the spray type. 

Splash deck type 

Splash deck cooling towers are extremely similar to the spray type. However, it could be utilized water box that has a tiny hole in the bottom. Moreover, it could also comprise decking in the tower once the hot water is inserted into the water box and then will splash through the holes of the box in the decking’s water box. Decking’s ultimate use is that it helps in increasing the surface area amidst the warm water and air. This sort of cooling tower is way more effective compared to the spray type.  

Spray type 

This kind of cooling tower is placed in a box-shaped structure that also comprises louvers, nozzles, and sprays headers. Commonly, the louvers are made out of steel and it improves the air’s natural circulation in the cooling water. Also, cooling towers that are spray types usually occur outside the building. This is done for the air to freely pass through the tower.  

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