Dogs become the second child in the house, and when you do not have any children at all, they become the very babies we wish to have. However, like kids, your dogs can also get sick anywhere, and to keep them as healthy as possible, we need to determine the possible illnesses they can catch from the environment. Of course, after all, it is our responsibility as an owner and a parent, to take proper care of their health.  

There are many potential origins of different diseases. It can be caught from a dog groomer, house, outside, and anywhere our dogs go. What we are going to share with you affects pups of all breeds and ages.  

1.Canine Parvovirus – Parvo is another highly contagious virus that can infect the dogs that come in contact with the feces of any sic dog. What makes this dangerous is that once it enters and attacks the dogs’ internal organs, it can be difficult to kill and treat. The symptoms include lethargy, fever, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, ad weight loss. The vets usually treat the infected dogs by giving them plenty of fluids and electrolytes and also providing them secondary infection prevention. However, the disease is again, fatal, and once it infects the host, there is only a minuscule chance it can be treated.  

2.Canine Distempter – it is also called hardpad diseases as it hardened the dog’s footpads and nose. It is also considered a contagious viral disease that can be transmitted through air or contact. Although it often infects the puppies, adult dogs can also still get infected. The symptoms include coughing, fever, runny eyes, vomiting, and paralysis.  

3.Heartworm – these are parasites that live in the dog’s heart, which causes some failures in the lungs, heart, and blood vessels. These parasites can be transmitted by different carriers including mosquitoes and other insects. The symptoms include coughing, lethargy, heart disease, weight loss, and respiratory problems. The vets treat this disease with antibiotics, steroids, and organic arsenic injection. There are also other medicinal alternatives that the vet can do or provide.  

4.Kennel cough – this disease I considered to be a respiratory infection that can cause irritation in the airways and inflammation on these parts. It can be caught from exposure to different animals in close proximity and even environments like dog parks, shelters, daycares, etc. The symptoms include gagging, heavy coughing, and lethargy. The veterans often treat this disease through rest, cough suppressants, and/or antibiotics. If the dog looks lethargic, you may need another consultation and ensure that it is not pneumonia. Again, contact your vet immediately.  

5.Rabies – this disease is caused by a rabies virus that is spread by saliva from an infected animal through a bite. During infection, this disease becomes fatal to its host especially when the dog is showing signs of its symptoms including pain, burning or tingling at the wound, fever, and hyperactivity. Currently, there is still no treatment for rabies, and this is why it is important to prevent it by providing vaccines to your dogs.