Boston Attractions, East Coast

One of the most seasoned urban areas in the United States was established in 1630 on the shores of the Massachusetts Bay. Today, Boston is a piece of the purported New England locale and is its biggest city, with a populace of very nearly 6 million individuals, including suburbia. How to characterize Boston? Americans themselves often joke: β€œIn New York, they will ask you how much money you have, in Philadelphia β€” who your ancestors are, and here in Boston β€” how much you know.” With this capacious statement, you can probably characterize the city in which the main emphasis was placed on knowledge.
1. Boston Marine
Since the city is located on the shores of the bay, it is not surprising that many of the entertainment here is connected with water. One of the most memorable excursions can be a sea walk to the places inhabited by whales and dolphins. Such excursions are held almost all year round, with the exception of days when weather conditions do not allow access to water. Boats depart from the Boston harbor, lasts about 3 hours walk. During the trip, you are almost guaranteed to be able to admire the life of mammals under the guide’s story. Boats conduct tours about 5 times a day, the exact schedule is better specified on the official website. The cost of an adult ticket is $ 29, it is possible to purchase it online on the official website.
2. Boston Park
The first city park in the United States – Boston Common Park in Boston. The oldest park is inferior in size to its counterpart Central Park in New York, but surpasses it in age. The park stretches along the financial street Freedom Trail, diluting the high-rise buildings with its magnificent view. Especially good is the park in autumn, when the trees are painted in unusual colors. In winter, a skating rink is equipped here, vocal festivals are held in summer. Here is also the first in the US metro station Park Street Station.
3. Boston Scientific
More than 100 institutions of higher education are in the city, including such famous as Harvard or Massachusetts University of Technology. To feed on new ideas, you just have to go on trips to these scientific places. Tours are held in groups, but you can walk alone, accompanied by an audio guide. Harvard is located in the suburb of Boston – Cambridge. Getting there forgive simple – using the subway to the stop “Harvard Square.” On the territory of 85 hectares, in addition to the university buildings themselves, there are a library, an astronomical observatory, laboratories, a book publishing house, a botanical garden, and as many as 7 (!) Museums.