Disney, East Coast

Why go to Orlando? The answer is quite obvious: in order to return to childhood at least briefly. But what exactly to expect from theme parks, we now tell.
Disney Park consists of as many as 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, numerous hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants. All this entertainment is located on 100 square kilometers! The entertainment center is located not in Orlando itself, but 34 km away in Lake Buena Vista. In Disney Park, you can visit the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom theme park is probably the largest number of attractions, here is the same Cinderella palace that we used to see on most of the postcards devoted to Disney tales, here you can take a small cruise on the river and ride on a real railway.
Each attraction is dedicated to a fairy tale: Little Mermaid, Tom Sawyer, Snow White and 7 dwarfs, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pen, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and many, many other fairy tale heroes. Numerous shows during the day are also held here, incl. the famous parade of cartoon characters (at 3 o’clock in the afternoon), and in the evening the real firework festival begins. On the official website of Disney Park, you can clarify what entertainment, at what time are held, so as not to miss the most important.
Epcot is a territory of scientific research and experimentation, this is where children can not only have fun, but also try themselves in something new and learn something new. A training lab, imaginarium, innovative room, space adventures, all kinds of future projects, test tracks and much more are suitable for curious children and adults. At Disney’s Hollywood studios, visitors can plunge into the magical world of creating movies, cartoons and their characters. It provides all sorts of tours, telling about the creation of a movie or a fairy tale.
Well, in the Animal Kingdom of Disney Park, you will be taken to a huge themed zoo, where you can see for yourself the animals that became the prototypes of fairy tale characters and cartoons. You can also plunge into the world of dinosaurs during a special tour, explore the island by train of time. Now a little about prosaic. A visit to Disney Park is not cheap. A one-day ticket for an adult will cost $ 105, for a child under 10 years old – $ 99. On this ticket you can visit only the Magic Kingdom. To visit another of the theme parks in one day, you will have to pay another 97 dollars. You can get tickets for 2,3,4,5-10 days, for each of the days you need to pay extra a little less than $ 100.